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Whether through traditional illustration or multimedia objets d’art, I love to tell visual stories and create joyful experiences that may just require a second look.  -Maryn



Hi there! My name is Maryn (pronounced Mar-rhymes-with-star-Inn) and I like to make things. I grew up making crafts and puppets and dolls using whatever supplies I could find (sorry mom). I received a BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University and have worked full-time as an artist ever since.

I've spent most of my career creating art and animations for educational software as well as a published children's book illustrator. Beyond the digital world, I love to get my hands dirty and make. This website will be the result of all the projects that have been festering inside me for years. :)


Why did you publish an empty website?

I wanted to start a blog with the new year. This was the easiest way to go about it. I don't currently have the products or time to get the site fully running.



Should I read your blog?


Probably not. :) It's completely self-indulgent. I don't expect anyone to read it, but there's something about putting your thoughts into words in a public forum that makes you face your truth. That is one of my goals this year.



What are you planning for your shop?


So far my plans include some very fancy clocks, small automata, shadowboxes and maybe some jewelry. I will probably also sell prints of some of my paintings.



When will this all happen?


Right now the plan is for later this summer, probably August. I need to have an actual inventory to sell before opening the store. I would like to have it all going to be ready for the Holidays.


Do you have any other illustration to see besides Instagram?


My ancient Blog o' the Baroness is still out there in cyberville. 


Meet The Team


Mitzi is here to keep everything running smooth.

Maryn Roos

Artist, designer, crafter and builder of all the things. 

Bertie & Gertie

The first of many curiosities to fill my house with inspiration.